Welcome to my History 3510 webpage!

In this ePortfolio you will find my history, reading analyses, and lastly, my research project.
My History tab includes stories about myself and my life story. These offer small snapshots of influential factors that lead me to the path of pursuing a teaching career. The next tab includes the reading analyses done weekly throughout the semester. I chose to put the majority of these analyses here because I put a lot of time into them and found I learned so much from this process. The last tab is my research project which includes my proposal, primary document analysis, and research essay. Researching the Indian Residential Schools provided an overwhelming amount of insight on the challenges and injustices that some have had to endure. The absolute negative impact that resulted from these schools shows how important it is to respect and include all cultures in the Education system and to include families access to support if possible. I was lucky to have such a support system and hope that I will be able to provide help and understanding to students in my future career.